The world of E-Commerce is all about visuality, inspiration and self-realization.

PAMA's Inspyr technology gives your customers a personalized and novel shopping experience

About the Inspyr Technology

A picture is worth a thousand words and with our Inspyr technology, this forms the basis of a novel and innovative solution for finding products in online shops.

A text-based search is sometimes impossible due to language and conceptual barriers and can lead to false results. Frequently, customers receive pages full of search results, which unfortunately have nothing to do with the product they are looking for. Unlike traditional text search, our Inspyr technology allows you to identify identical and similar products based on product photos.

Our technology uses product image characteristics for product recognition in a unique way and achieves an enormous depth of development in this way. With PAMA-Inspyr, your customers will find the products they want faster and more accurately, while providing you with an improved conversion rate and a unique shopping experience.

PAMA Inspyr thus allows:

  • more accurate and faster search results 

  • the overcoming of language and conceptual barriers (for example, if important specifications of a product are too diverse)

  • Increase the conversion rate with less effort

  • Increase of impulse purchases

  • Up- and cross-selling opportunities (for example, through the marketing of rarely recommended products and possibly merchandising articles)

  • individualized advertising



  • Integrate the Inspyr technology into your shopping app or online store

  • Real-time search for the same and / or similar products within the database

  • Feature extraction and enrichment of text metadata (product features) based on product photos

  • Logo and brand recognition

  • Similarity search


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