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Everything you need - on the marketplace: More than 3,000 certified dealers offer you high-quality products from well-known manufacturers in areas such as home, smartphones, household & kitchen, games & toys and many more. The popular online marketplace of DHL currently reaches well over 5 million registered customers and convinces with a reliable delivery, a free buyer protection and more than 15 million products.



Brickfox GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of multichannel e-commerce solutions. As an innovative software, brickfox bundles numerous online retail processes in one product. In addition to an e-commerce-optimized PIM, brickfox has intelligent interfaces to various online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten & Co. as well as numerous shop systems. It integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructures and, regardless of the merchant's existing system, is an efficient e-commerce "control center".



Sternwald is a digital business development company. We help our customers to face the challenge of monetizing their publishing houses’ diverse digital asset portfolios.
How can you use this to generate income in the world of digital media?

HuGO+ is a digital asset management system that provides you with the possibility to store and manage all your valuable content, regardless whether it is text, audio or visually based. The system can then easily automatically generate a variety of digital publications and assess their selling performance against your customers and editors.

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The realization of digital asset management applications based on the product range of the Norwegian manufacturer FotoWare represents one of our core competences. As the largest German and worldwide only FotoWare Platinum Partner, we serve customers all over Germany from different industries with small, medium and large installations. Our team of experts is characterized by many years of experience and commitment. We offer our customers a complete service portfolio from system selection to hosting.

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At FotoWare, we help teams that create some of the world's most important content – content that changes the course of history, entertains and influences millions of people every day. We believe that to produce great content you must have simple, powerful tools to support your creative processes. Our team of 26 people works relentlessly to give every company in the world the most compelling experience possible when working with rich media files. With a presence in 41 countries through a partner network with 150+ certified engineers, we work closely with companies that need a customized experience.

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EidosMedia is a global leader in digital content publishing solutions. Founded in 1999 in Milan by a development team with two decades of experience in creating successful publishing systems for newspapers and magazines, today our software powers some of the world’s largest news media organizations and the publishing operations of leading financial institutions.

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